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The Best Faux Trees for Your Home

faux plants, faux trees

Plants were all the rage in 2020 and we predict this trend will go on. In addition to decorating your home with common houseplants, think about selecting a tree or too to add some majestic greenery to your home. 

Why You Should Decorate Your Home With Faux Trees

Faux trees are a great way to make any space beautiful. They are less maintenance than real trees, but they provide the same striking beauty. Luxury faux trees look great in entryways, hallways, bedrooms, and even corners of your home that need something to fill them. 

They also brighten up your room with greenery or  bright colors, if they have blooms. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best trees to place in your home.

The 7 Best Faux Trees to Enhance Your Home

Here are the seven best trees to add something special to any home decor aesthetic.

1. Bamboo Tree


Bamboo trees are graceful trees that will stay evergreen and lush no matter where you put them. Bloomr’s bamboo trees are lifelike with detailed leaves and a realistic trunk texture. 

The realism of the tree adds a calming zen to an empty living room nook or abandoned office corner. 

2. Palm Tree


Get a gorgeous no maintenance palm tree to make your indoor space breezy and relaxed. Palm trees bring the outdoor vacation vibe inside to help you create a tranquil space anywhere in your home. This palm tree is adorned with crisp, cool leaves, and slim trunks that bring the perfect combination of balance to your home.

3. Olive Tree


Bring the beauty of the Mediterranean inside with this faux olive tree. This tree will bring warmth into your and olive trees are known symbols of friendship and peace. Bend the branches of this tree to your desired fullness once you order one of Bloomr’s three olive tree sizes.

4. Ficus Tree


Ficus trees are simple and hassle-free trees that are made true to nature. They have expertly crafted glossy, pointed leaves, and pale brown trunks that are built to last. Purchase a ficus tree for your minimalist or industrial home to mix up the colors in any room to add balance. 

5. Eucalyptus Tree


Eucalyptus trees are symbols of focus and clarity. They can center any room with their delicate leaves and thin tree trunks. The pale green leaves of the tree beautifully complement any decor. Place this plant in one of Bloomr’s contemporary pots to add an ultra luxurious look to your home.

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This trendy plant is a millennial favorite. Enjoy the chic faux fiddle leaf tree that features a thin textured trunk and wide green leaves that fan throughout. Place it in your living room, a hallway corner, or in your bedroom without worrying about sunlight, water, or maintenance. Finish this tree look off with an understated concrete pot.

7.Rubber Foliage Tree


This gorgeous, handmade full rubber foliage tree is likely to get you many compliments from your house guests, It has large dark green leaves with realistic veins and stems. It mimics it’s real counterpart so well, you might accidentally water it!
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