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Top 5 Rules for Decorating With Faux Plants

From gorgeous succulents to large fiddle leaf fig trees, faux plants can add a nice touch to any room. However, there are some simple rules you can follow to make you faux plants look even better in your home.

Top 5 Rules for Decorating With Faux Plants

Review these five rules to help you decorate your home with your faux plants.

1. Put Faux Plants Somewhere They Could Grow if They Were Real

We know that faux plants don’t need specific conditions to grow, but placing them somewhere they might normally go will help to convince people that your plants are real. When they are placed in a sunny room, they will contribute to the fresh and airy feel of a room. No room is complete without a few properly placed faux plants.

2. Use Faux and Real Plants in the Same Space

Mixing faux plants with real plants can add a luxurious look to any space. This way you can play with mixing the texture and color of the plants for a truly upgraded home decor look.
For instance, you can add a real pothos plant next to a potted fern.
This will also help to contribute to the realistic look of the faux plant.

3. Use Plant Pots With the Same Style

Re-pot your faux plants into new containers that match with the style of your room or the other plants you already have. For example, if you have a mid-century modern style in your home, you may consider purchasing unpotted faux plants and then buying planters that match your decor.
This contributes to a uniform look throughout your plant decor and creates a lovely aesthetic.

4. Only Buy Plants From High Quality Stores

This one may seem obvious, but many people choose the cheaper choice rather than the quality choice. At Bloomr, we offer you long lasting and realistic looking faux plants of all types and sizes. Choosing one of our plants will help to convince all of your friends that your plants are real.

5. Maintain Them Regularly

Real and faux plants can gather dust and need regular maintenance. Even though faux plants are low maintenance, they still require some upkeep. Make sure to clean the leaves once every two weeks to ensure they look their absolute best.

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