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Orchid 101: A Lesson In Orchids

You’ve likely never met an Orchid you weren’t attracted to. Us either! Everybody loves orchids. An ever popular indoor plant, (yes, a flowering plant, not to be confused with a flower!) Orchids are considered a classic and sophisticated piece of decor. They fit in any interior setting, regardless of style elements. Of course, as with anything beautiful, Orchids require quite a bit of care and finesse to keep these temperamental plants alive. In fact, they are one of the most difficult plants to maintain, and everyone has a different methodology for keeping them alive.

For the most part, Orchids derive from and thrive in tropical, humid environments, receiving moisture in small, consistent amounts. Their roots are not meant to receive a large dose of water all at once, so watering them like a typical house plant will actually drown the Orchid. Their origins in tropical environments provide them consistent access to moisture, and it is with wet roots and dewy petals that the ever-popular Orchid can live for months. This is why some people use ice on their orchids, because it dissolves slowly and why others use a spray bottle to keep moisture on its leaves and flowers. However, even with diligent love and care, it is very difficult to replicate the humid environment that an Orchid desires inside of a home. Which is precisely why a Bloomr artificial Orchid arrangement is a better solution than ice cubes and spray bottles! 

Our Orchids, of course, stay beautiful, classy and alive on their own. :)

Let’s break down a few of our favorites:

1. Vanda Orchids: are more modern and grow from a single stem, with leaves that climb and alternate like a ladder. Their flowers emerge from spikes on the stem and peek between the leaves.

Purple Vanda Artificial OrchidPurple Vanda Orchid

2. Cymbidium Orchids: are classic with a twist and add great height to any space. Often called “boat orchids,” cymbidiums have large colorful flowers with patterned lips. Their spikes only bloom once, so they will not rebloom after they fall.

White Artificial Cymbidium Orchid

Medium White Cymbidium Orchid

3. Phalaenopsis Orchids: are what you think of when you think orchids. The most recognized of the plant, their flowers can bloom year-round.

Silk Orchid

Medium Chic White Orchid Arrangement (Gold Ceramic Pot)

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