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8 Luxury Faux Plant Inspiration for the Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be your safe haven that promotes rest and relaxation. With the help of luxury faux plants, you can transfer your bare room into a perfectly tranquil space you’ll want to spend time in. 

Of course your faux plants should look real and alive, and we offer you the best luxury plants for your bedroom that you can buy today. 

8 Luxury Faux Plant Inspiration for the Bedroom

Here are nine of the best luxury faux plants to inspire your bedroom design

Small Plants

1. Potted Fern


Choose a small potted fern to bring a lush garden feel to your bedroom. The vibrant and wispy fronds are appealing and life-like. This potted fern is a symbol of eternal youth and is sure to add freshness and life to any bedroom. 

2. Banana Leaf Arrangement


Make your bedroom a tropical paradise with a banana leaf arrangement that expertly designed by florists. This simple arrangement makes your bedroom feel breezy and relaxed. The tall glass vase accompanied with the palm leaf fronds makes the perfect statement in your bedroom.


3. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


This trendy tree isn’t going out of style any time soon. It is still a top choice of decorators for 2021. The fiddle leaf fig tree instantly makes your bedroom a lush green wonderland.

4. Olive Tree


Olive trees are gorgeous and classic. They are understated and simple, which adds a nice touch to any minimalist bedroom decorations. As a symbol of peace and friendship, they can complement any space well. 

Tall Plants

5. Sansevieria Plant


The sansevieria plant, also known as a snake plant or mother-in-laws tongue, isn’t going out of style anytime soon. This gorgeous faux plant adds vivid color and life-like texture to your bedroom. The snake plant pairs well with a neutral pot to complete the look.

6. Monstera


If you want a plant that makes a statement, choose this monstera plant for your room. As a symbol of honor and longevity, this plant makes a bedroom feel tropical and lively. The glossy green split leaves are realistic and picture-perfect.


7. Magnolias in Glass Vase

Want beautiful florals all year, every year? Add this magnolia arrangement to your nightstand for a fresh summery feel that lasts.

8. Rose Arrangement


Rose arrangements are timeless and are sure to beautify your bedroom space. They are a universal symbol of love and passion. And with Bloomr’s faux arrangement, the love and passion they symbolize will never die.

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