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Where to Buy the Highest Quality Faux Floral Arrangements | Bloomr Blog

 Making the decision to add faux florals to your home is a big one. It steps up your home decor game and opens up a world of opportunities for the overall design of your space. It gives you the freedom to be as creative as you like and to truly customize each room to fit your personality.

But where do you purchase such lavish pieces of faux decor? Unfortunately, not just any flower shop will do as not all faux florals were created equal - where you purchase them makes a huge difference. When looking for the perfect flower shop, there are a few key characteristics to search for, so let’s dive in!

Bloomr Artificial Floral Arrangements


First and foremost, you want to make sure your chosen flower shop sells artificial florals made by real florists – aka the experts in all things flowers and plants. They know the intricate patterns, textures, and thickness of every part of every plant. They know which direction specific plants should droop or how they should stand. And they know the exact color placement for every petal, leaf and stem. When we go in for surgery, we expect it to be performed by a board-certified surgeon, not someone who’s just kind of familiar with the human anatomy. In this same way, when we purchase artificial plants, we should expect them to be made by a professional florist, rather than someone who’s just generically familiar with the appearance of plants.

Luckily, there are plenty of flower shops that do this, including us here at Bloomr. Our company was created by an experienced florist who is as passionate as he is knowledgeable about plants and the effect they have on your space. We strive to mimic the exact look of all our flowers and plants, down to every minute detail. Another faux floral retailer is Silk Blooms, the largest silk wedding flower company in the UK. They work closely with a team of florists to achieve their lifelike arrangements, and can replicate designs straight from a picture. Flovery is another online retail shop that uses a group of florists to create their artificial plants. They create realistic arrangements for use in offices, hotels, retail stores, and home staging. An example of a cute local mom-and-pop flower shop is Growing Wild, located in California’s Manhattan Beach. They are a family owned and run business of experienced florists who hand-deliver both fresh and silk florals. They strive to develop lasting relationships with their local customers and fulfill their desires. 

Bloomr Artificial Floral Arrangements


The quality of the material your flower shop uses to make its flowers is KEY in how realistic your arrangement is going to look. Flower shops who use cheaper fabrics such as nylon, polyester, or foam, typically mass-produce their products by machine. This makes each individual plant produced come out looking completely identical to one another, which can be quite unrealistic. The cheaper fabrics make the flowers stiffer and prone to fraying edges, while their uniformed appearance is not true to form, and makes it easier to spot your arrangement as a fake.

At Bloomr, we use only the highest quality silks in addition to other luxurious non-synthetic fabrics to create our gorgeous, long-lasting arrangements. We also use a special technology called real touch, that not only makes our items look real, but also feel real as well. Silk Blooms strives to strike a perfect balance amongst shapes and sizes of each flower in their arrangement by mixing the materials used. In their arrangements you will find artificial flowers made from fabric, foam, and polymers. Flovery also uses real-touch technology along with top tier materials to bring their beautiful creations to life. Silk flowers from Growing Wild are made using high-quality materials that allow the business to easily create lifelike artificial versions of their living arrangements.

As you can see, there are a variety of flower shops to choose from, and ensuring their quality should be quite simple. Once you have found your perfect match, you will be on your way to that luxurious interior you always dreamed of for home!

Bloomr Artificial Floral Arrangements

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